Mission Statement

The Student Bar Association (SBA) of California Western serves as the liaison between the students, faculty, and administration. It is the responsibility of the SBA to keep students informed of any changes in the school that may affect student issues and concerns. The SBA also oversees and supports all student organizations, which each help to promote the sense of community on campus.

Every student who attends California Western pays a student activity fee and a portion of that goes to the SBA to fund student-oriented activities (such as Barrister’s Ball and events for grade release) and a portion of the funds go to SBA-recognized student organizations.

SBA also publishes the school newspaper, The Commentary. The Commentary covers a variety of important student issues. All students are encouraged to submit articles and ideas on topics they wish to see covered. For more information about how to submit an article, contact commentary@law.cwsl.edu.


Every student has a voice in the SBA through the Board of Representatives, which is composed of the 1L Reps; 2L Reps; and 3L Reps. First year representatives are elected at the start of their class year, and one representative is elected from each section. Elections of all other SBA board positions are held in March with the term of office beginning in April.

If you have any questions, please contact us at SBA@law.cwsl.edu.