Entertainment & Sports Law Society (ESLS)

 Entertainment and Sports Law Society’s mission is to cultivate interest in legal issues affecting the sports and entertainment industries. We aim to explore legal issues and trends affecting the sports and entertainment industries by discussing current events and recent changes in business practices.

Contact us at ESLS@law.cwsl.edu

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Student Membership Perks

  • Access to first-hand information and events happening in the Sports and Entertainment industries
  • Exposure to a vast network of Sports and Entertainment lawyers
  • Opportunity to participate in our mentor/mentee program
  • Access to our large outline bank
  • Custom ESLS gear

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The Pandemic’s Effect on the Entertainment Industry


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President: Erica Loo

VP of Entertainment: Charles Celaya

VP of Sports: Daisy Mendez

Treasurer: Paris Gonzalez-Peregrina

PR Chair: