Meet The Board

Garet Brown, Vice President

Lizeth Sanchez, Treasurer

Shaun Lampel, Treasurer

Anisha Kohli, Administrator

Hello! I am so happy to serve as co-Administrator for the SBA this year! My name is Anisha Kohli, and I am currently a 2L student from Redlands, CA! I attended college at the University of California, Riverside where I earned my degree in Psychology! I love expanding my horizons and learning new things daily! My hobbies include watching basketball, tennis, and baking!

I have interned at the DA’s office in San Bernardino during undergrad, and am now scheduled to clerk for the United States Attorney’s Office (Civil Division) this upcoming spring trimester! I joined SBA to serve the student body at CWSL with the utmost integrity and professionalism. My vision as an administrator of SBA is to make sure all students have a voice and are connected together as a community. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and implementing positive change in the CWSL community! If you have any questions about SBA or for 1L’s who are looking for some law school advice, please feel free to email me at!

Sara Bloch, Administrator

Hello! My name is Sara Bloch, and this year I am proud to serve as Co-Administrator for SBA. I am a current 3L (I cannot believe how fast time has flown) from Corona, California. Prior to law school, I attended the University of California, Riverside for an undergrad degree in English. After, I attended the University of Southern California for my master’s in teaching. I’ve taught every subject from English to AP Environmental Science and loved every minute of it.

I came to law school with the desire to serve our community. In pursuit of that goal, I’ve interned at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office. Ordinarily, you can find me on campus teaching a large group Civil Procedure review session, practicing for our mock trial team, and scribing for Property II. On SBA, I hope to increase transparency so all of you know exactly what SBA is up to. Additionally, I hope to help build our community as we navigate this new online world.

Nazanin Asadi Bagheri, Activities Director

Omid Valinasab, Ombudsperson

Hi everyone, my name is Omid Valinasab and I enjoy football (soccer), piloting an airplane, and travelling across the world. In Canada I am a licensed paralegal where I practice litigation and mediation. I have an Engineering degree, experience as a Senior System Analyst and as a Solution Architect at AT&T.

I also have extensive experience in technology and real estate. Prior to becoming a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, I was a member of the Real Estate Council of Ontario for 15 years and handled complicated conflicts as an office manager. My true passion is litigation and mediation. Through my experience, I aim to be a great Ombudsperson and be the reliable bridge between the student body and the SBA.

Taylor Walsh, Federal Bar Association Representative

Hello, my name is Taylor Walsh. I am one-half of the 2020-2021 FBA representative team. I was born and raised in San Diego and attended UC San Diego for my undergraduate degree in Political Science. I was also the women’s sabre squad captain for UCSD’s Div 1 Fencing Team my senior year. Go Tritons!

I joined SBA as an FBA representative because I want to increase the association’s presence on “campus” and help increase networking opportunities between the FBA and Cal Western students. I am dedicated to increasing student awareness of the FBA, FBA sponsored events, and its free law student membership resources. Our FBA representative team is aware of the challenges of moving to a virtual setting for our events and we are working hard with SBA on innovative approaches to continue offering engaging programming.

María A. Cholico, Federal Bar Association Representative

Hello to all, my name is María Cholico, I am a 2L, I am currently working on getting my concentration in business, and I am one of the Federal Bar Association Student Representatives for SBA. I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Prior to coming to law school, I worked as a law clerk intern with the First District Court, in Logan, Utah. During my time in court, I was involved in many areas of law and was able to experience, and help promote mental health court proceedings changes with the Honorable Judge Kevin K. Allen.

I joined SBA because I want to help create and promote an environment where our students are heard, and are given numerous opportunities to work in all sectors of the law. As well as, maintain meaningful connections with those within the legal community in San Diego. I am dedicated to our student body and our school. I want to continue with that same passion and attitude to promote more student activity within the SBA, and in my individual role as one of the FBA representatives.

Alexis Ceaser, American Bar Association Representative

Leyla Moustapha, San Diego County Bar Association Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Leyla Moustapha and I am a 3L. I came to the United States in 2009 and joined the United States Army in 2013. After five years of Active Duty service, I got out and started law school at Cal Western. As a 1L, I was selected for the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) Diversity Fellowship Program (DFP). Thanks to the program, I kept a good relationship with the DFP Director. As the San Diego County Bar Association Representative, I will work closely with the SDCBA in order to make available, in a timely manner, relevant information and events organized by the Association. I am honored to be part of the Student Bar Association and I look forward to serving my legal community.

Elizabeth Mirales, San Diego County Bar Association Representative

Valeria Loayza, 3L Representative

Hi, my name is Valeria Loayza, and I am the Chair of the SBA’s Board of Representatives. I am currently a 3L at CWSL. I was born in Peru, and I am a proud immigrant, and the first person in my family to attend law school. I grew up in LA county, and attended UC Santa Barbara where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and English.

I joined SBA because I want to create an environment where each and every student can thrive. As a diverse member of the student body, I believe representation plays a pivotal role in ensuring the needs of underrepresented students are met, and this motivated me to get involved. I am committed to finding new ways to strengthen the CWSL community in a time where we may feel disconnected. I recognize the challenges all students are currently facing and I am devoted to finding ways to help students overcome these obstacles. With these goals in mind, I encourage you to reach out to your fellow representatives to help us improve your student experience!

Stephanie Acheampong, 3L Representative

Hi friends! My name is Stephanie and I am currently serving as one of your 3L Representatives. I was born and raised in the lively city of Las Vegas, NV and attended Pepperdine University for my undergraduate studies, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Studies. Prior to law school, I worked as a paralegal for a civil litigation firm. During my time in law school, I have served as 2L Representative for SBA, as well as Secretary for BLSA. I was a legal intern for the in-house law department of an amazing company called Vistage Worldwide, and a legal intern for the Chula Vista City Attorney’s office. I am currently a certified legal intern for the San Diego Public Defender’s Office, and will continue on with them in the Fall. 

I joined SBA because I am dedicated to fostering an environment where all of our students are seen and heard, and their experiences validated. I also believe that it of the utmost importance that we create a sense of community and support in our current reality of virtual learning. In addition to these reasons, I have also made it a priority of mine, in the capacity of my role, to ensure our administration is intentional about addressing the needs of our black and brown students by dismantling any educational structure within our institution that is perpetuating inequity and inequality and further providing useful resources and opportunities for all of our underrepresented communities on campus.

Kristen Ingersoll, 3L Representative

Hi, my name is Kristin Ingersoll, and I am a 3L representative on SBA’s Board of Representatives. I completed my B.A. in Global Studies at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. During my law school career, I have interned with the California Innocence Project and the San Diego Office of the Public Defender. Currently, I am a law clerk for a Private Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in post conviction capital cases. I am expected to graduate in May 2021, and I hope to work in Criminal Defense. 

This is my first time as an SBA Representative. I joined SBA because I want to help my classmates navigate the challenges that come with the  remote learning environment. I am committed to finding new ways to assist the CWSL community in a time where many of us feel separated from the community and unheard. I believe we each face different challenges as students from various backgrounds, and we all deserve an outlet to express our ideas, bring light to our challenges, and find help in achieving our law school goals. I encourage you to reach out the SBA Representatives and help us better the CWSL community!

Arthur Zverev, 3L Representative

Hello everyone! My name is Arthur and I am currently serving as one of the 3L representatives. I was born and raised in Los Angeles by a family of soviet immigrants and attended Cal State Northridge for my undergraduate studies, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Before law school, I worked as a legislative research fellow for Congress and then as a political strategist for a gubernatorial campaign. During my time in law school, I have served as the Ombudsman for the SBA, a 1L Representative for the Criminal Law Association, a Small Group Teaching Fellow, and a competitor for the appellate team. I was a certified legal intern for both the San Diego Primary and Alternate Public Defender’s office, as well as a law clerk for the Office of the United States Trustee. In the Fall, I will begin working as a Clinical Law Clerk for the Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc. 

I joined the SBA because I am committed to advocating for students; ensuring our voices are heard and our needs met. In this new age of virtual learning, it is important to ensure that students have sufficient resources to work effectively. Furthermore, I believe it our duty to call out injustices and utilize our platform to do our best to address racial injustice and other inequalities that plague our campus and community. It should be a commitment to ensure that all our students are safe and supported. 

Luciana Roble, 2L Representative

Jessica Anderson, 2L Representative

Hello! My name is Jessica Anderson. I am currently a 2L Representative and Vice Chair of the Board. Last year I served as a 1L Representative. I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and went to Arizona State University for my undergraduate degree. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After graduating college, I immediately moved to California to get out of the heat and experience something new. For three years prior to starting law school I worked at a commercial real estate analytics company in La Jolla.

I wanted to join the SBA because I appreciate having a role in ensuring student concerns get addressed and deciding the best ways to go about bettering the school. I value the relationships I was able to make with upper classmen and faculty whom I may not have met had I not decided to become involved in SBA. Navigating law school online is challenging, but we will all get through it together! Incoming 1Ls- please feel free to reach out with any law school questions you may have. I am happy to chat!

Carly Betzler, 2L Representative

My name is Carly Betzler, and I am currently a 2L at CWSL. I am from Orange County, California, and I attended college at Texas Christian University. As a 2L representative, I will attend all SBA meetings and Budget Hearing Meetings, where the SBA will review requests from student organizations for funding. In addition, I will serve as a liaison between the student body, SBA, and the administration.

I wanted to serve on SBA so that I can continue to build relationships with my classmates and faculty members, while also acting as a resource for my peers. One of my favorite parts of Cal Western is the community, and I want to ensure that all students feel welcomed, understood, and supported.

Carly Brown, 2L Representative

Hello, my name is Carly Brown and I am currently a 2L Representative for SBA. Last year I served as a 1L Representative. Prior to law school, I received certification as a suicide prevention counselor for teens. As well, I have worked in entertainment (on the agency representation side for film/tv on Netflix and HBO), at a top 50 ranked law firm (finance and leasing transactions involving commercial aircraft) and most recently at the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office. 

I joined SBA because I wanted to help create an environment where every member of the student body feels heard. Especially during these times, it is crucial for the student body to feel connected to each other and have direct access to administration. I am mindful of this and will continue to make it my goal to facilitate sincere conversation that reflects the experience of each student.

Arya Sadighian, 1L Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Arya Sadighian and I am serving as one of the 1L Representatives. For my undergraduate degree, I attended the University of California, San Diego where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Political Science/Data Analytics and a Law & Society minor. While at UCSD, I volunteered as a JusticeCorps member at the Superior Court of California – County of San Diego. In my position, I worked under small claims court where I assisted court staff with legal workshops, check-in, and provided plaintiffs and defendants with proper paperwork in relation to their type of court case. I also managed and assisted customers with filling out and filing restraining orders in the civil business office while offering legal information to those in need. 

My time volunteering at the Superior Court while also taking the pre-law sequence for my minor solidified my desire to go to law school in order to become a zealous advocate for others. I am excited for what my time at the California Western School of Law will offer and I am proud to be representing my fellow 1L peers as their representative and advocate this school year.

Parsa Nozzari, The Commentary Editor-in-Chief

Matt Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan, The Commentary Editor-in-Chief

I have always been an active member of the student body since the beginning of my academic career. I graduated from business school at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) with a dual major in marketing and entrepreneurship. While there, I was the Community Service Chair for Delta Sigma Pi (professional business fraternity) and the VP of Internal Affairs / Chairman for the American Marketing Association. I thoroughly enjoyed these activities and working with the people involved.

My interest in law began during the most pivotal moment in my time at Syracuse University: when I founded and operated a start-up company. We created a marketing tool for business owners on the mobile platform. While managing my business, I learned the art of networking, how to utilize an attorney to form a legal entity and the importance of business law. These were invaluable experiences that will carry over to the Student Bar Association and my position as Editor-in-Chief of The Commentary.

I am proud to be a part of the SBA. It is my goal to use my position as a way to increase connectivity and a sense of community on the CWSL campus.

Casey Daggett, Webmaster

Hi everyone, my name is Casey Daggett and I am your SBA Webmaster. When I was elected, we had just began having our classes online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While watching and participating in our classes through Zoom and Panopto has its health benefits, we are all at a loss of face to face interaction. It is difficult to compensate for this loss while we remain isolated in our homes.

As your SBA Webmaster, I endeavor to bring back a level of interaction to our student body so we do not lose touch with our peers and so we can pick up each other during the quarantine. Despite the SBA website not being changed since 2011, I aspire to use the website to make us closer together with student orgs, events, and peer to peer communications.